Gaspar 1st weekend finished

Hi All
Finished the first weekend of rehearsals for GASPAR my Pirate Ballet.
It was a long tough weekend with a lot of hours and a lot of hard work.
GASPAR unlike some Full length Ballets has a lot of scenes and a lot of story telling that needs to happen. Which is not so easy with some of the cast still due to arrive.
So the Rehearsal Mistress, Jane Koorts had her hands full.
Also I have added some new characters to the Ballet. This year I will be adding a Senor and Senora Vincente (A wealthy Cigar Merchant and his wife.
Michael Chapman (The former World Champion Ballroom Dancer) and Lisa Lowery (Also a Competitive Ballroom Dance Champion and mother of NYC Ballet soloist Savannah Lowery) have joined the cast in these roles and were great this weekend.
In the ballet their daughter Christina (performed by BalletFleming Dancer, Adrianna de Svastich) falls in love with the Pirate Captain, Jose Gaspar. (Performed by BalletFleming dancer, Alex Crozier-Jackson.
In addition what would a Pirate Ballet be without swordfights?
GASPAR the ballet has 3 major fight scenes, so Dillon Anthony (BalletFleming dancer, and Fight Master) was hard at work training new dancers in the art of Stage Combat. GASPAR is very interesting as a ballet because it has an almost equal number of male and female cast members. The total cast is almost 50 dancers.
Also coming in on Saturday to start the long process of putting the some 70 odd costumes on people was Camille McClellan (Our Costume designer and Wardrobe Supervisor). We will explore more of what she does later and she has promised to Guest Blog explaining to the readers all about her job.

Again as I write from the deck of the beach house where we are all staying…
Actually that sort of says it all.
My Best
Christopher Fleming/The Traveling Ballet Master


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