TV and Observations

Hi All
As I have mentioned in recent Blogs we are down here in sunny Florida putting up my swashbuckling pirate ballet GASPAR.
In the last 2 days we have done 2 television morning shows, one for Channel 10 and Tuesday morning for Channel 8.
Now our appearance on these television shows does not just happen. The Gaspar Ballet is very fortunate to have 2 great public relations persons in Theresa Richardson and Elizabeth Price.

I have encouraged all members of  our team to write about their experiences. I thought it would be of interest to my readers to learn about all the aspects that go into making a Ballet Production work,
So, please enjoy the written observations of one of out Public Relations volunteer’s, Elisabeth Price.

From Elizabeth Price
“Something in the Way He Views”
At yesterday’s scheduled publicity stop for TV for Gaspar Ballet, it became perfectly clear to me that Christopher Fleming is a “gifted” person.

While I focused on the beautiful moves of the ballet dancers for the TV camera along with the rest of the bystanders, Christopher was viewing a much larger scene.  He was using his gift of  “panoramic” viewing.   It’s amazing to watch him.  He can observe and somehow manage details occurring all around him all at once.  And with great ease. A real gift.  He was viewing and managing and acutely aware in all directions….. dancers, sword fighter, TV personalities, camera people, sound people and TV station employees.  I don’t think he missed anything happening in that studio space. When he noticed the TV hosts were dreamily carried away with the pas de Deux -he caught my attention with a brief nod and smile.  He knew the publicity piece concluded just as we had planned.  Just amazing to watch.

Please come and enjoy the performances.

My Best- Elizabeth Price

My Best- Christopher Fleming/The Traveling Ballet Master


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