Gaspar Ballet and The Red Cross

Hi All
One of the wonderful things about my Gaspar Ballet is that it is a Charity Benefit. In these economic, we all sometimes forget about wonderful groups like The Red Cross.
 Since I was a child and received my Red Cross swimming certificate, I have been aware of the Red Cross.
These are the people who help us in times of need. No politics, no questions, they have and always will be there for us in times of need, they are not a government agency, they are the Red Cross!
And for the 2nd year they are one of the charities that the Gaspar Ballet is sponsoring. I can’t tell you how proud I am that the Arts are sponsoring such a worthwhile organization. It’s like remembering that you are honoring an old friend that has always been there for you.
That said (And drying my eyes) I have been teasing Natasha Salazar our representative from the Red Cross that she has to write an installment to my Blog. She of course was willing but wanted to find a ballet connect with what the Red Cross does. We went thru all the classical ballet stories, which for the most part are tragic. She and I spoke at length about this and unfortunately all The Old Classic Ballet Stories did not end well. Which is not the case when the Red Cross is involved. Try as she may we could not mix the Red Cross success at helping people with recovery with traditional Ballet stories.
So, I have this very interesting treatment that Natasha wrote where she tries to relate my libretto for Gaspar to what the Red Cross does.
Frankly as an artist who creates ballets, there is nothing that I can create that is as beautiful as what The Red Cross does for all of us. Thank you Natasha.
My Best
Christopher Fleming/The Traveling ballet Master

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