Holly Curran-The Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven- Holly Curran

Hi all

For our upcoming Performances at Drexel University on March 9th and 10thof my ballet, The Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe. I have chosen Holly Curran for the Artistically demanding and technically difficult principle role of The Raven. Holly is a Founding Ballet Fleming Company member and a very unique and talented dancer.

I have Holly and Dillon Anthony who will be dancing the role of Edgar Allan Poe to share with my readers their experience in preparing for their parts in this ballet. I thought it would be an interesting insight into the process that dancers go thru when preparing for a role. My hope is that they will have time to share with you all in these two weeks before our performances. Please enjoy the 1st installment from Holly below.

My best Christopher Fleming/ The Traveling Ballet Master

 Holly Curran- The Raven

Hi, this is Holly Curran again Guest bloging for Christopher. Our show, The Myth and Madness of Edgar Allan Poe is two weeks away, so I thought I would tell you a bit about learning the role of The Raven.

I have known that the company would be doing Poe for quite a while now. We have been working on the big picture, and a few weeks ago when we were in Florida working on Gaspar, Chris confirmed that he wanted me to do the part of the Raven. A lot of feelings surround the responsibility of this role. One of my good friends, Keenan McLaren originated the role when Chris created it for Dayton Ballet. She also performed it last year when we staged a version of the ballet at Goucher College. This role seemed very natural for Keenan. Despite how hard I knew the role was, she made it look so very easy. Last year I performed the role of Annabel Lee, who is Poe’s “love in literature”. Annabel Lee is Poe’s internal muse, feminine and ethereal. This year, as the Raven, I cover very different emotional and physical ground.

The role of the Raven is meant to be challenging. I am onstage for almost the whole ballet, interacting with every character in the story. The steps are large and powerful and often menacing. However, there is much more to the role than just dance steps. Even when my character is not moving, she is still required to engage the audience.

The Raven is also bigger than life and dark.  The relationships that I have with all of the characters are really intense. I will have to dig deep within myself to achieve the emotionality needed to be effective. In rehearsals I am not only working on my developpes, piroutettes, and grande jetes, but I’m also working on being “the Raven”, if you know what I mean…

That’s all for now, I’ll check in again as the show gets closer.

My Best

Holly Curran


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