Dillon Anthony as Edgar Allan Poe

Dillon Anthony as Edgar Allan Poe
With our upcoming Performances at Drexel University on March 9th and 10th
of my ballet, The Myth and the Madness of Edgar Allan Poe.

I have chosen Dillon Anthony for the Artistically demanding, technically difficult and emotionally challenging title role of Edgar Allan Poe. Dillon is a talented and gifted artist that I had worked with before he joined BalletFleming Company as a member this season.

I thought it would be interesting for Dillon to share with you all his experience in preparing for this ballet. Please enjoy the 1st installment from Dillon below.

My best
Christopher Fleming/ The Traveling Ballet Master
Dillon Anthony- Edgar Allan Poe
Hi All
The Myth and The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe is a ballet set in two acts exploring the life of a very talented and complex man.
Assuming the role of Edgar Allan Poe I knew was going to be no easy task. One of the challenging aspects of the work is that each scene in the ballet is very different for my character. As you all know ballet dancers do not speak.

So all our emotions such as happiness, anger, love etc are all displayed thru the movement and in our relationships with other characters. In this ballet my character run thru many of those emotions right up to his death.

In this stage of rehearsal the most difficult scene in the ballet has been the death scene. Dying on stage is never easy and I want the audience to believe in my tragic death again using the movement and my own emotional involvement to give the audiences an understanding of what is happening on stage.
Poe is going to be the role that I’m going to look at over and over till the last show finishes. No matter what I will always learn something new every time I get into this character. Also in becoming Poe for the stage I was going to grow out a mustache, unfortunately I’m six foot three and Poe was a little less than that, but hey you can’t have everything.
We hope you the audiences can enjoy and we can embrace you with BalletFleming’s The Myth and The Madness of Edgar Allan Poe.
My Best
Dillon Anthony



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  1. romanii au talent…

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