Guest Blogger-Sheena Madden

Hi All- Thought it would be fun hearing from one of the ladies in my baseball ballet, PLAYBALL. So please enjoy Guest Blogger, Sheena Madden below

Charleston Ballet Dancer, Sheena Maddon


We are in the last few days of rehearsals before our first performance of Play Ball! with the Charleston Ballet.  I am dancing the part as the catcher in the ballet.  For me, this has been rather challenging because I have never picked up a baseball glove until I was notified of my role.  Everything the audience sees in Play Ball is real, with all the tricks and baseballs flying, it’s really exciting, and is most definitely a site to behold.

Being a dancer in this ballet, we must not only execute the choreography, and dancing perfectly, but transform completely into the role being played.  My role as the catcher requires a lot of acting, so the audience can clearly follow the ballet.  There is a lot of interacting between us dancers during the whole performance, so being alert and aware of everything going on is important.  I have personally spent a lot of time outside playing baseball to prepare for this.  For me, actually playing baseball is the most difficult part of the ballet, because the throwing and catching is real; the need for me to be comfortable with that is highly important, so I can just be my character, and not worry about if I will make that catch or not.

Overall this ballet has been a remarkable experience for me.  Working with all the dancers, and Mr. Fleming has been so much fun, and a wonderful experience. I hope to have the chance to do this ballet again in the future.  I know that Play Ball! Is a ballet the audience will love to watch, as much as, the dancers love performing it.

With Love, Sheena Madden


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