International Dance Festival Alto Jonio


Hello all- I’m writing to you from Villapiana, Italy and the International Dance Festival,  “Alto Jonio”. I’ve been here for 4 days now. Invited by my friend and the General Director, Antonio Fini. The long flight from Philadelphia and the jet lag was tough. But upon arrival it was amazing to realize that all this was happening at a seaside resort on the southern coast of Italy. We are in the arch part of the boot as Italy is described.

Taught an Advanced Class the first day, to an international array of students, mainly from Italy but some from other European countries and even from Japan. The International Faculty is from China, Usa, Japan and of course Italy. I will also choreograph a new piece for the Gala next Monday. Should be an exciting 10 days and I will write more as I can. Also there are lots of Pictures already on face book for all to see.

My Best- The traveling Ballet Master-Christopher Fleming


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