Saying Goodbye


Hi All



As a new Company (BalletFleming) I never thought that with in our short time span that we would be saying Good-Bye to  Founding Members. Some how I thought they would all survive me. But, Life goes on and so does the Art of making dances. In these early years the Dancers/Artist that you work not only dance for you, but help you move your vision forward. In this case Jane Caldwell Koortz (Dancer/Ballet Mistress/ Teacher) and her husband Caspar Koortz (Dancer and Engineer)  did everything to help me move forward with that vision. They are wonderful people and I’m proud to call them friends.

That said, please understand that they are not abandoning BalletFleming. Caspar has been reassigned to England and they are having their first child, due in December.

Ballet is an Art. But that Art is also built on the humanity of the Dancers who perform it.

To that I say; THANK YOU Jane and Caspar – Ballet Companies and our Art form are here because of people like you!

My Best

Christopher Fleming/The Traveling Ballet Master









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