Conversations with Alice- Part 3
BalletFleming has been very busy rehearsing for Alice in Wonderland. Our first set of shows is this Saturday at the Scottish Rite Theater in Collingswood, NJ. To get tickets go to or call us at 215-454-2858.
Meet Adrianna de Svastich, BalletFleming company member, who will be playing Alice in the upcoming production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She will be answering all of your questions about ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the ballet, her dancing experiences, pointe shoes, and more.
1) What is your method in approaching the role Alice in a ballet?

Alice is a very curious person, so a priority is trying to convey that yearning to know and experience everything she comes across. She is also slightly naïve, but comes out stronger in the end.
2) How do you think Alice fits in with the rest of the characters from Wonderland?
Even though she doesn’t quite fit in with the other characters, she is always willing to learn about them during her interactions. During her dances with all of them she is really trying to get to know them.

3) What is your favorite character that you interact during your trip to Wonderland?

I like the character of the Cheshire Cat; Tyler Savoie does a great job with the role.
4) Who is your favorite Ballerina?

Growing up I really looked up to Paloma Herrera, Julie Kent, Sylvie Guillem and Darci Kistler, who was one of my teachers at SAB. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of footage of Natalia Osipova. Her strong sense of athleticism coupled with her flawless grace makes her one of my favorite dancers to watch. She defies all sense of gravity when she jumps, and I hope to see her perform live someday.


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