Conversations with Alice Part 4

Conversations with Alice- Part 4
The shows at the Scottish Rite Theater in Collingswood, NJ was successful. Now we are getting ready for our shows at the Painted Bride Arts Center in Philadelphia. To get tickets go to or call us at 215-454-2858.
Meet Adrianna de Svastich, BalletFleming company member, who will be playing Alice in the upcoming production of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She will be answering all of your questions about ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the ballet, her dancing experiences, pointe shoes, and more.
1) What do you think made Alice go down the rabbit hole?

Curiosity made Alice follow the White Rabbit and then go down the rabbit hole. Though Alice was very bored listening to her sister teacher her lessons, causing her to daydream.
2) What was your strangest experience in Wonderland?
I have to say the strangest experience while in Wonderland was going down the rabbit hole. It’s really dark, the whole time I have no clue which way is up! In the ballet, I my feet never touch the ground as I am carried through the rabbit hole by the rabbit hole attendants aka the rabbit hole ninjas.

3) What is your favorite part to dance in the ballet?

The pas de deux I do with the Caterpillar is my favorite dancing scene, but I enjoy the chance to be silly during the tea party.
4) If I come to the performance can I meet you afterwards?
Yes, absolutely!



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