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Alie’s Blog. Ballet Fleming Apprentice 2013
Hi, my name is Alie Reehorst. I grew up in Northern Michigan and have come to Philadelphia to be an apprentice with Ballet Fleming. I graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy for dance in 2009. I then went on to dance at the University of Michigan, a modern department, and recently graduated with a BFA degree in dance in May. I was encouraged by a friend to audition for Ballet Fleming. I auditioned in August with 23 other applicants and within 2 weeks I signed on with an apprentice contract.
It has been my dream to be a dancer with a contemporary ballet company. And I am thrilled to be here in Philadelphia.
Day 1: 10 AM start. Wearing my lucky black leotard, I took my place at the barre. Looking around me I saw 8 male professionals and 7 female professionals among us apprentices. The company is from all over the world and each adds something different to Christopher Fleming’s company. Many of the new members were very nervous however Christopher put our minds at ease. It was very different than being in a college situation.
When rehearsals started I wasn’t sure if I would be cast. We started with Adrianna de Svastich’s piece, a principal dancer in the company, and I am one of 4 “second understudies.” It is a beautiful piece and I cannot wait to see it performed at the end of this month. Next rehearsal Christopher came in and called the whole company. He put the Harry Nielson music on and immediately got down to choreographing. It is a busy train scene and we carry a suitcase, or in my case, hat box. Christopher choreographs to his dancers and his brain runs a million miles a minute. I am in the ballet and I have begun my career as a ballet dancer.
Thank you, I will be writing more as the days go on. 


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