summer’14 summer intensive

“The summer of 2014, I have attended the Philadelphia Ballet School’s June, July, and will attend the first half of the August intensives. I am currently a college student at Ursinus College, where our main focus is modern. Growing up, however, I have done most of my training in classical ballet. Philadelphia Ballet School’s summer intensives have allowed me to find new meaning and breath behind classical ballet. I was able to tie together my previous ballet strengths with my new modern strengths. This has allowed me to grow and develop into a well-rounded dancer.

I was also an intern this summer for the Philadelphia Ballet School. It was a new perspective for me, since I am typically only in the studio dancing. Being behind the desk and learning the ins and outs of what makes a ballet school and company run was interesting. The behind the scenes of what goes on in a studio gave me a new appreciation for being in the studio. I learned so much this summer, not only in the dance world, but also in the business world. “

Christina Monteleone

Philadelphia Ballet School Summer’14 Intern

Ursinus College Student 2013-2017


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