First day of the season

Today was the first day of the 2014/2015 season at BalletFleming! It was a great day filled with productivity, positive affirmations, and a new studio puppy. For those of you that might be wondering what a typical day looks like at BalletFleming, it is this:

10:00-11:15 – Company Class
11:15-11:45 – Break
12:00-4:00 Rehearsal

This is the general idea. The only thing that changes day to day is where the break comes in. Today, we ran the pieces that are being performed this Wednesday at the fundraiser for the company! (see below flyer!) Then, Jen Rose came in to start setting her new work. The piece already on day 1 looks like it’s going to be great. We ended the day learning choreography to a piece called, “Long Train Running” by Christopher Fleming that is set to music by a local Philly group called, Time for Three. The company did it a few years ago and it seems like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Gina Shifferly came in to set the piece on the company. On top of setting the piece she is also guesting with BalletFleming for the first show, “After the Summer Sun” and it’s great to have her in the studio!


You may have realized besides dancing that I also said the day was filled with positive affirmations and a puppy. Erin and I made positive affirmation tear-offs that everyone could take for day 1. Besides the fact that we really like arts & crafts we did this because we thought it was a positive and fun way to kick off the year.


Also, meet Nana. This is our new studio puppy that belongs to our Ballet Mistress, Eliska. Eliska has been gone all summer and we are so thrilled to have her and Nana back with us in the studio. We’ve missed you!


Nana’s personal photographer: Amanda Hill

That concludes day 1 back in the studio. Keep a lookout each day on here to learn about the company members and come out to our fundraiser on Wednesday!

-Fallon 🙂


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