Meet the Company

Meet Company Member: Blair D’Amico

BlairWhere are you from?
Maryland girl, born and raised. Where’s the Old Bay?!

How many seasons have you been with BalletFleming?
This is my third season! Crazy how time flies…

Where were you dancing before joining BalletFleming?
I was with Baltimore Ballet for one season and before that I trained at a professional dance school in England.

Favorite choreographer?
I LOVE Sir Frederick Ashton’s ballets, and Jiri Kylian and William Forsythe… and Kenneth MacMillan. They’re choreography is just so beautiful and expressive. I could watch all of their work all day.

Most embarrassing dance moment?
Uhh… most recently taking a very large lunge instead of a piqué passé in “Café Music” at the Koresh Come Together Festival…that was pretty interesting. I think I recovered pretty well. I had a blast at that performance regardless, so I guess it’s not that embarrassing. Usually it’s a good wipe out. My last performance at college I was doing this pas de trois and completely wiped out doing an entrechat trois, did an awesome butt spin, popped up and did a pirouette into a partnered développé.. that’s on video somewhere. I hope it never resurfaces.

Favorite place to hangout in Philly?
In public? I probably frequent POPE, South Philly Tap Room, and Cantina on Passyunk the most with my housemate and company member, Tricia. Not in public? Definitely mine and Tricia’s magical couch of comfy coziness… Seriously it’s like the most amazing couch of my life.

Favorite food?
Only one favorite food? Can I say all food? I love food. My family is a foodie family, so I appreciate a well prepared meal. If I had to pick one food it’d probably be guacamole… or pizza.

Favorite quote?
Do it with passion or not at all. I have no idea who said it or where it came from, but I came across it a few years ago and it just became my mantra so to speak.

Fun fact about you?
Uhh…. I really can’t wait till I’m in a good place to get a corgi puppy! Their legs crack me up and I think it’d be hilarious for me to have such a short legged dog when my legs are ridiculously long. That’s like a personal life thing I want eventually.


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