Meet the Choreographers: Jenn Rose

Meet Choreographer: Jenn Rose

jennroseWhere are you from?
Slatington, PA

How long have you lived in Philly?
I’ve lived in Philly for 6 years

Favorite place to hangout in Philly?
Anywhere really, as long as there is good company.

What is your dance background?
I grew up dancing at a competition studio and later studied dance at West Chester University. I continue to take class as often as possible to remind me what it’s like on the other side.

Where do you get your inspiration for choreographing pieces?
I find inspiration from music, from the dancers, from life experience, from other artists. Everywhere really.

How would you describe your style of movement?
I would describe my style of movement as musical, dynamic, and honest.

What’s the different between working with ballet dancers and contemporary dancers?
Ballet dancers tend to crave structure and focus on precision and technique while contemporary dancers tend to live in the improvisation and take a more explorative approach to movement.

Have you worked with BalletFleming in the past?
I first worked with BalletFleming on a film, Christmas Dreams in 2012. I then set a ballet “the missing piece” on the company the following season.

Who else/what other companies have you set work on in the past?
I have choreographed musicals for Theatre Horizon, The Walnut Street Theatre, 11th Hour Theatre Company, The Arden Theatre, Milwaukee Repertory Theatre and have created new works with 213 Productions, Loose Screws Contemporary Tap Company, and Urisnus College.

Fun fact about you?
I’m a twin!


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