“After the Summer Sun”

A week ago the company had its first show of the 2014/15 season. It was a very busy show week filled with tech and spacing rehearsal, a dress rehearsal, and 3 performances. This show was very enjoyable as dancers to perform because it was filled with work by multiple choreographers. We had a great time and hope our audiences did as well! Here are two reviews that we received from The Inquirer and Phindie and some photos by Bicking Photography! Special thanks to Bicking Photography for all they do and for the awesome photos!

Gina and Dillon

Gina and Dillon Shifferly ~ Photo by: Bicking Photography

The Inquirer:

Jen Rose's piece

“Blind Landing” ~ Photo by: Bicking Photography




Martin Skocelas-Hunter ~ Photo by: Bicking Photography

after midnight

“After Midnight” ~ Photo by: Bicking Photography

 Stay tuned for what we’ll be doing next this season!

-Fallon 🙂



One Response to “After the Summer Sun”

  1. Isa Velez says:

    What a spectacular way tho start the season. It was tantalizing and I can’t wait tho see more.
    Christopher-thou are so artistic and your sharing the choreography with new artist speaks highly of you.

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