Meet the Company: Matt Soojian

Meet Company Member: Matt Soojian

mattsWhere are you from?
I’m originally from a small planet 2 million light years away in the Andromeda Galaxy. I crash landed on a farm behind my Earth Parent’s house in West Chester, PA as an infant. They found me there and continued to raise me in the same town.

How many seasons have you been with BalletFleming?
I’ve been with the company for about a month of Autumn, so I’d say about 1/3 of a season.

Where were you dancing before?
I was dancing in my shower and in my living room earlier today, but before that I was dancing at University of the Arts and with a tap company I currently dance with named Footwerx.

Favorite place to hangout in Philly?
Besides my apartment where I watch TV like an enormous couch potato, I love to hangout at Chipotle. I’m addicted to their burrito bowls and I get one at least once a week. If we go to Chipotle together, you know our friendship is solid.

Favorite food?
The meatballs that my grandmother used to make before she died a little over four years ago. My Mom and Aunt Barbara make meatballs using her recipe, however my Aunt’s come the closest to how they used to taste. Please don’t tell my Mom I said that. I’m kidding! I’ve told my Mom multiple times that my Aunt Barbara’s meatballs are better than hers.

matt soojian

Photo by: Brian Mengini

Favorite quote?
“Damn it man, I’m a doctor not a physicist!” -Leonard McCoy, Star Trek (2009)

Favorite choreographer?
The Resident Choreographer of Pennsylvania Ballet and Founder of BalletX: Matthew Neenan. He showed me that ballet is not just classical steps and technique, that it’s a feeling and presence. A favorite pas de deux of mine that he’s choreographed has “The Worm” in it. Yes, it’s the typical “The Worm” you’re thinking of, where someone body rolls on the floor to imitate a worm inching on the ground. However, in this pas it doesn’t feel like a cheesy dance move from the 80s. It feels like an emotional ballet move. This is extremely inspirational to me and one of his many talents I wish to posses as a choreographer. He also says “Hi” to me every once in a while and he’s such a nice guy. #nevermeetyourheros #ohwaitialreadydid #andihavenoregretsbecauseheisgreat

Most embarassing dance moment?
I have so many embarrassing stage moments that they all kind of blur together. Although, I guess one that really stands out is when I danced a romantic pas de deux to Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” with a broom. A couple of mops messaged me the day after the show saying they were interested.

Fun fact about you?
I’m a very silly human being who whole hardheartedly believes that any sized pizza can be a personal pizza if you try hard enough. Also, if you don’t like hashtags or don’t know what they are, ignore the # signs in my answer to the seventh question.


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