Meet the Choreographers: Thomas Gant Jr.

Meet the Choreographers: Thomas Gant Jr.

TommyWhere are you from?
South Jersey

How long have you lived in Philly?

Favorite place to hangout in Philly?
Anywhere really

What is your dance background?
I went to a performing arts high school in Jersey and studied in NYC. But, my roots are here in Philly and the majority of my training, performing, and teaching stems from Philadelphia.

Where do you get your inspiration for choreographing pieces?
It depends. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s the dancers, sometimes an idea. But mostly it’s my mentors and what I’ve learned from them and want to pass along.

How would you describe your style of movement?
Just dance! There’s so much crap about defining what type of dancer you are. You take technique classes everyday so your instrument is conditioned and it’s second nature; it supports your ability to move freely and dance, that’s what I want to see.

How long have you been working/involved with BalletFleming?
I’m a founding member in 2010.

What kind of holiday music did you pick to choreograph to for the Holiday Show and why?
Gary Hoey. It’s instrumental Christmas tunes played on an electric guitar. I wanted to do something inspired by the BalletFleming rock ballets.

Who else/what other companies have you set work on in the past?
Dance Del Bello, Saltarium, Tainan city ballet (Taiwan), Southern New Jersey Academy of Performing Arts, as well as a few other art schools in Taiwan (whose names don’t translate in English).

Fun fact about you/anything else you would like to share?
Well, I’m currently a union electrician (traded in my tights for a tool belt). My wife of 11 years is a dancer for Koresh Dance Company here in Philly. We have a soon to be 3 year old son (Thomas 3rd or T3). And, I’m the oldest of 4 boys and at one point we all danced. In one production of Nutcracker we actually had us 4 plus my wife!


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