Behind the Scenes at BalletFleming

The holiday season was a very busy time for the dancers at BalletFleming. We all kicked off the holiday season with BalletFleming’s holiday show: “Dancing in a Winter Wonderland” the weekend of Thanksgiving. After that many dancers in the company had guestings with other schools and companies throughout December.

“Dancing in a Winter Wonderland” took place at the Shiloh Baptist Church, courtesy of Brian Sanders. Brian Sanders is the director of his company, JUNK. He allowed us to use their space for our performance. This space was very unique. We were able to build our own stage complete with lighting. This was all possible thanks to BalletFleming’s Assistant Director, Thomas Gant Jr. as well as Christopher Fleming, Brian Sanders, and the men in both BalletFleming and JUNK. They spent many hours putting the stage together and it’s pretty amazing how it all came together. Below are some pictures of the process:



building the frame





laying down the floor





taping down the marley & working on lighting



Thomas Gant Jr. working on the lights



final taping of the marley







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