Guestings, Showcases, & Rehearsals … oh my!

As February comes to a close we are counting down the days until spring!! (just 19 days!) Looking back over the past few months, the dancers at BalletFleming have been very busy.


Many Company Members and Apprentices had guesting jobs during the holiday season at companies and schools in the area. Dancers of BalletFleming performed with: Budzynski Ballet Theater, Dance DelBello, Tricia Sloan Dance Center, Kristina Pulcini Ballet Academy, Ballet 180, Artisan Dance Company, and Connect the Dots Dance Company.

Amanda as Spanish

Company Member: Amanda Hill as Spanish Lead in Artisan Dance Company’s “The Nutcracker” in Sugar Loaf, NY


Tricia and Bethany

Apprentice: Bethany Schwartz (left) and Company Member: Tricia Koch (right) backstage in their Snow Costumes in Kristina Pulcini Ballet Academy’s “The Nutcracker”



blair and martin

Company Members: Blair D’Amico and Martin Skocelas-Hunter as Arabian in Budzynski Ballet Theater’s “The Nutcracker”


Will and Fallon

Company Members: Fallon Gannon and William MacNeil as Belle and Young Scrooge in Dance Del Bello’s “A Christmas Carol” | Photo by: Cora Lee’s Photography



Company Member: Jessica Frazier as Lucy in Ballet 180’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas”


Rachael as Clara

Apprentice: Rachael Gnatowski (middle) as Clara in Connect the Dots Dance Company’s “The Nutcracker”


Blair as Dew Drop

Company Member: Blair D’Amico as Dew Drop in Tricia Sloan Dance Center’s “The Nutcracker”


Will as a Rat

Company Member: WIlliam MacNeil as a Rat in Tricia Sloan Dance Center’s “The Nutcracker” | Photo by: Carley Schaffer


A Charlie Brown Christmas

Apprentices: Gabriella Proffitt as Sally and Matt Soojian as Linus and Company Member: Jessica Frazier as Lucy in Ballet 180’s production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”



The Cabernet & Choreographer Fundraiser showcase was a success! Many company members showed new choreography and talked to the audience afterward about their process with creating work. Many audience members chose to fund pieces so they will be able to add onto their work. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the choreographers!

feb fundraiser

Choreographers talking to the audience



The company is preparing for an upcoming showcase, “Evening of Innovations” that will be held at the BalletFleming studio on March 19th. All choreographers from the “Cabernet & Choreography” showcase will be adding onto their pieces. These choreographers include: Jessica Frazier, Rachael Gnatowski, William MacNeil, Martin Skocelas-Hunter, and Matthew Soojian. There will also be two new pieces by company members, Amanda Hill and Tricia Koch as well as work shown by Director, Christopher Fleming. Tickets are $15 per person or $25 per couple.

March 2015 flyer


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