Food in the City

The Traveling Ballet Master-

It’s was suggested to me that while I was in New York and obviously needing to eat, that I speak a bit on that subject.

New York has hundreds of wonderful restaurants both large and small, expensive and not. And of course the variety is almost unlimited. You name it and you can more likely than not find it.

In my case I’m on a budget and most of my choices have been limited to a 25 block (55th to 80th Streets} radius on the west side. But in a city like New York that still leaves a huge selection. And don’t forget about the food trucks.

So here are a few suggestions…

  • Whole Foods at Columbus Circle.- Take the escalator down into Whole Foods and you will find inside the store the Genji Sushi Bar. The Selection is great and includes non maki items, including large delicious salads.
  • Santa Fe on 71st off of Columbus Ave. Great Tex-Mex food as well as voted Best Margarita by New York Magazine.
  • Papaya King– 72st and Bway. Grab the two Hotdog and papaya drink special anytime day or night.
  • Carnegie Deli– 55th and 7th . Amazing sandwiches! Try the corn beef on rye bread. Share it with a friend, the sandwiches are huge.

 Pier One Café- At 70th and Riverside Park South. An outdoor café with great food and drink on the river, Also complete with dramatic and beautiful sunsets.

Another fun thing to do is bring some take out for a lovely lunch at the pond in Central Park that is across from the Plaza Hotel.







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