Teaching NYC

Monday/Teaching in NYC   (Back in the saddle again)

So it’s Monday morning and I’m headed over to “Steps on Broadway” my Adv/Int class is not until 4:30 in the afternoon, but I thought I would check out the morning Adv/Int class.

Sidebar- A little bit about “Steps on Broadway” (Just called “STEPS”) by dancers and teachers alike.

This is from their website, I paraphrased a bit. Founded in 1979, STEPS is the true epicenter of NYC professional dance community. It is home to many of the best and most world-renowned teachers and a training ground for generations of aspiring and professional dancers.

On any given day, one may take class alongside today’s performers and seasoned veterans from companies such as

NYCB, ABT, Boston Ballet, Royal Ballet, Paris Opera and Alvin Ailey to name a few. As well as the Broadway and Commercial dance world.

So, I got to the studios and the first people I run into are two dancers from my old company in Philly. It was definitely a good sign to see some familiar faces.

(4:30 Class) Later that day my class went great.

The students and professional dancers enjoyed the class and the pianist was excellent.





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