New Bikes and Busses

Bicycles and Buses


If you visit NYC and want to have a good time and exercise as well, rent a bicycle. There are many companies who specialize in this now. Bike Rent, NYC and CitiBike to name a few. Again go on line you will find dozens. The great thing is that NYC has become a bike friendly city. All of the major avenues have bike lanes and Central Park is set up with more bike lanes than car lanes. Having been away from the city for sometime this was a great eco-friendly thing to witness.


As to buses of course there is the New York City Bus system for getting around the city, the subway is also excellent and very safe. And of course there are tour buses that run all over the city, but to me the most interesting and innovative was “The Tour” powered by “The Ride”. This is a special bus that has a clear see thru plastic covering over the entire bus, where everyone sits bleacher style on one side of the bus with complete viewing access to the streets on the opposite side.

It is an amazing innovation developed by Dan Rogoske (It’s Director) who I spoke to over the phone about it’s conception and history.


The 75 minute bus ride stops all over the city. At each stop the passengers are treated to either live performances by Singers, Musicians, Comedians, Ballet Dancers, Actors or break dancers as well sites of famous movies or television shows.


The bus has been stopping everyday in front of my hotel, where a great sax player and wonderful singer have been entertaining the bus from the street.


For more info about this go to



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