Station Island Ferry Part II

The Staten Island Ferry Part II

Now normally when you disembark from the ferry there is a 20 minute wait for the ferry return. I think they want you to sample all the snack and souvenir shops.

Millie (My fiancé) and I actually decided to hop on the ferry parked next door that was about to leave.

But not to worry on the ride back we enjoyed a breakfast of New York hotdogs and cokes. It was a fun ride back to South Ferry.

Getting off the ship we decided to explore the area. I should mention that some years earlier Millie had worked down here on what is called, “Wall Street”.

Our first stop was the beautiful Trinity Church. Built in 1770 it has been seen in many movies recently (See National Treasure). it also has a famous cemetery beside it with many of our early patriots intern their.  Another amazing thing about the church is that it survived 9/11 untouched while all the buildings surrounding it were partially or totally destroyed.

Our next stop was the 9/11 Memorial. My gosh the two fountains are amazing. Millie and I just stared at the first one for 10 minutes. To fully understand the extent of these 2 fountains, please look them up on line.

More to come…


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